Fabric Postcards

Tree Postcards

Tree Postcards

A few months ago I took a class with Tonye Belinda Phillips on fabric postcards. It was very fun and very inspiring. As usual I’d put aside my half-done postcards because other projects had worked their way to the forefront. But because 2011 is my “year to finish projects” last night I jumped back in and worked on them.

Using Fast-to-Fuse, a heavy two-sided fusible material, they are so easy to do. And with my new (cheap from Costco!) Brother sewing machine, I have lots of decorative stitches I can use.

I’ve mailed several of these already, and they come through the mail just fine. The postmaster at my local post office tried to talk me into having them hand-stamped, but I said no because I wanted the stamp and the look of the cancellation on the stamp. Besides, I wanted to see how they would actually fair in the mail. And the one I saw did just fine! (And I tried several times to crop these photos but for some unknown reason wordpress just didn’t want to save the cropped images…???)

Birdy Postcard

Birdy Postcard

Fruit Postcard

Fruit Postcard

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10 responses to “Fabric Postcards

  1. Gayle Freeman

    They are beautiful! Good job, and if you ever have that class and need an ‘extra’ I’d love to learn.

  2. I love these! I refuse to pay $$$ for store bought cards. Wish I were closer so I could get in on a “Sew-In with Lisa” class!

    • Then you should come on down and join in the fun! There might come a day when you just need to “get out of town;” that’s the moment to strike and come down for the day and be with the girls!! You would love this group of women – so fun, so funny (just like you)!

  3. joyce montgomery

    The postcards are fabulous! Do you fussy cut the image and fuse it then stitch around and over? How did you do the bird for instance?

    • That’s exactly it. Simple. Gerry wants a “class” so let’s get together and do some. All you need is “Fast2Fuse” (heavy stock that is fusible on both sides) and you probably have everything else you need. Fun!

  4. Wonderful postcards Lisa! I bet the post office ‘ohhhed and ahhhed’ as they came through. I love Fast to Fuse too~great stuff!!!

    • They are so fun to make. And one of the parts I like best is that I can do it – and finish it – in one day!

  5. Very cute… I saved my Valentine postcard from you. =)
    Maybe it’s time you taught the rest of us how to do them.