Jaybird Quilts

Piece by Piece Quilt quilted by Lisa Bee-Wilson

Piece by Piece Quilt quilted by Lisa Bee-Wilson

Skip the Borders Book
I quilted this quilt for Piece by Piece Fabrics in Eugene, Oregon as a shop sample. I went to Jaybird Quilts and looked at her very beautiful quilting to see what she did. Then of course I had to “mold” it to fit my customer’s budget and still come out with what I thought would look good on the quilt. It turned out quite fun!

Jaybird Quilts has some fresh and modern designs, so check them out if you haven’t heard of them. You can find Julie’s blog talking about her fun quilts or purchase her new book (see link below) or call Piece by Piece and see which patterns they are carrying in the shop locally.

Purchase her book: Skip the Borders: Easy Patterns for Modern Quilts (That Patchwork Place)

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8 responses to “Jaybird Quilts

  1. It looks great!! I love the fabric choices and the quilting!

    • Hey Julie! Thanks for noticing! The gals at Piece by Piece made the quilt…I love their fabric choices too. Then they gave it to me to do the quilting….and I had some fun; inspired by the quilting on your site. Thanks!

  2. Sheila at License to Quilt

    Sweet! And polka-dots! Looks like a fun quilt to work on!

    • It is because of the great ideal you suggested to put dots on the solid areas! A fun way to practice my applique! (Which I love but don’t do enough of.)

  3. Another beautifully quilted work of art…. love it!

  4. Kirsten Kenyon

    Beautiful Lisa! I love that the straight edges now look curved. And I love the colors.