Houndstooth Baby Quilt

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Kathy T’s baby quilt turned out so fun! The two color Houndstooth quilt is such a bold statement. She did it in soft gray, and the back is gray and yellow swirls. Lovely! I quilted it with simple “peacock swirls” as I now call them, and it has such a wonderful texture.

12 responses to “Houndstooth Baby Quilt

  1. Teri Harter

    Lisa, did Kathy ever get back to you as to the pattern name or where to look for it? It’s so cute I’d like to try it.


  2. Sheila at License to Quilt

    Ooops! Meant to say “still”


  3. Sheila at License to Quilt

    Love it AND the quilting! Very modern, and till comfortable and cozy :)


  4. Lisa, my daughter loved the houndstooth, and you quilting. Can you please ask KathyT. about the pattern? Thanks, Teri

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  5. I love this quilt. Do you have a pic of the fabric she used on the back?


  6. Dramatic quilt with awesome quilting! Love the combination of geometric piecing with swirled quilting.