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Slice ‘n Dice Quilt

This beautiful batik quilt by Marilyn G is a stunner! She used the pattern called “Slice ‘n Dice” by Busy Bee Quilt Designs (hey…that should have been my company name!) Lots of color and warmth is created by using the batik fabrics. To bring out the quilting I used a Jade colored thread and did a swirly curly design in an overall pattern. Fun! Wants to make you get out your batiks, doesn’t it?

This year one of my goals is to bring you the names of the patterns my customers use when making their quilts, so that way if you see something you like, you can make it too! I call it spreading the love in the quilting world!

Happy quilting!

Zig Zag Love

This adorable quilt is from a designer in Australia! Check out her Craftsy shop page to buy this Zig Zag Love pattern. Martha A. made this beautiful quilt after downloading the pattern from Craftsy. And what a colorful quilt it is. I love the white background because it really sets off all the colors nicely. Very modern. I did a simple swirly quilting design just to give it some texture.

I love supporting other artists and helping to spread the word. So if you do go to Craftsy and you end up buying her pattern, please tell her I sent you! And no, there is no commission! It’s just what makes the world go round. Small artists supporting other small artists (and in some cases big artists!).

Happy quilting!