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Rope Basket

Rope Basket 078

A tisket, a tasket, I made a rope basket! Actually the fact that I did ANYTHING this weekend is a really good step forward. Having gone back to working full-time in town in January, it has taken me quite a while to get my creative “mojo” back. I don’t have so much time these days for creative quilting pursuits, but I do have some. I feel like I’m finally getting my “sea legs” under me again.

A few weeks ago I painted my longarm studio (with the help of a very patient husband). In order to do that I took everything out (except the machine) and it didn’t get to go back in unless I really wanted it to. So I got rid of my makeshift desk (cobbled together metro shelving with a board as a desktop) and have really pared down. The walls are empty waiting for inspiration.

And now I’m working on my upstairs sewing studio (yeah, I know, I’m spoiled) cleaning and organizing. I’ve been organizing for the past year (and you wonder why I’m not done?) and each month things get a little better. I finish a project here and there. I struggle to not start anything new! I am now going through my things and figuring out which projects I will NEVER work on again and donate them. I put a small finished quilt in the St. Vinnie’s bag.

And soon the Blackberry Jam Festival Quilt Show will happen in July and I have to get something ready for that. Oh my. Maybe I can get one of my old projects finished. Cross your fingers and start your engines! May the force be with me. I’m going to need it. It’s already mid-June.

Happy quilting!

Cinnamon Bread

I just got my new breadmaker from Zojirushi. I had an old one from the same manufacturer, but after over ten years, I was ready to invest in a new one. The old one actually still works, but it squeaks something fierce. And this new one makes a horizontal loaf instead of a vertical loaf, which is more like the shape I would come up with using my pans.

Starting with one of their recipes in the booklet provided, I made the cinnamon loaf. They had such a good idea to roll it out and cut it up like cinnamon rolls before putting it back in the pan to proof and bake. That’s why it looks so pretty! Great technique. Not sure why I didn’t do this before.

Normally I just use my breadmaker on the dough cycle, and then take it out, shape it, and bake it in my oven so that I can control the crust. But this loaf turned out pretty good baked in the machine. I am going to make a few more, and it may depend on which recipe I use, which way I choose to bake it.

zojirushi breakmaker

But I’m off to a good start! The breakmaker is a good looking machine (I realize that’s not an important factor for some of you, but I like good looking kitchen appliances!) Yeah, it’s true. I’m a kitchen appliance snob. Who knew?

So that’s my bread story. Does it relate to quilting? Nope.

Happy baking!


Oregon Ducks in Virginia

oregon duckMy sister sent me this from Virginia. Yes, Oregon Ducks are EVERYWHERE! Shall I just say, “Go Ducks!”

Makes you want to get out those yellow and green fabrics, doesn’t it?

Happy quilting!