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Where am I?

2013 Retreat In Quincy, California! I’m on my way to the Sierras with my two high school girlfriends for our annual retreat. We are stopping at the grocery store in Quincy (where a couple of my Lowell friends grew up!). One of the gals has a family cabin in the mountains and we are lucky enough to be staying there for a long weekend.

There won’t be much sewing or quilting, but there will be talking, drinking, eating and hiking (hiking being from the refrigerator to the deck!). When you only get to see friends once a year in person, there is a lot to catch up on. (But who am I kidding? I can talk all weekend long with the friends I see every week in town!)

Have a great day! And happy quilting!


Where am I?

Nancy and Lisa CBR 2012In California!

Today I’m rowing with the River City Women’s Crew Team. They start at 5 am….yep, that’s early for this late-sleeping Oregon girl. But I make exceptions when the need arises. Nancy, a former high school teammate, rows for River City and we’ve re-connected in recent years. This will be my first time rowing with their team at their regular practice. Should be pretty darn fun! And their coach, Raul, is a hoot.

So by the time you get out of bed and read this, I’ll be heading to the showers, and then to a great cup of coffee somewhere in downtown Sacramento.

Happy quilting (or whatever you are doing today)!