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Quilters Newsletter for Scrappy Ideas

Quilters Newsletter MagazineThis looks to be a fun magazine for scrappy ideas. If you are taking my Scrapalicious Class, this might be the one for you. I’ve just signed up for a subscription to this magazine, but this particular issue on the Best Scrap Quilts of 2014 is actually a separate purchase (but it’s going to be well worth it!) Find out more about Quilters Newsletter Magazine. Enjoy!

Happy quilting!

I don’t receive any kickback if you purchase this magazine! From time to time I just like to bring you interesting products, patterns, and ideas that I find on the web.

Quilt in Generation Q Magazine

Generation Q Magazine 2014According to the folks at Generation Q Magazine, their latest issue is out!

Looks like there are lots of fun features, but specifically I wanted to point out a couple of fun features:

“No  issue of Generation Q would be complete without a cocktail, and in May-June, we’ve got the GenQ Mule, a light, refreshing pour that’s perfect for summer (and a wee bit of quilting).”

….and also…..and possibly even more important (than drinks? what?)….

We’ve also got fresh, fun projects and/or conversation from a host of quilterati, including Katy Jones, Mandy Leins, Casey York, Lisa Bee-Wilson, Sheila Sinclair Snyder, Wendy Sheppard, Sherri Noel, Paula Mills, Jessica Levitt, Jackie Kunkel “

Happy quilting!