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Lowell Blackberry Jam Quilt Show Judges

Quilt Show in Grange Hall

Quilt Show in Grange Hall

The Pine Needlers are excited to announce that there will be official judges for particular categories in the 2014 Blackberry Jam Quilt Show. So in addition to the people’s choice awards which we have sponsored for the past few years, in this, our 10th year, we will have a few categories that will be judged by our new official quilting judges! We are thrilled to have the talent of:

Becky Fetrow of Piece by Piece Fabrics in Eugene

Helen Andrews of The Quilt Patch in Eugene

Jeanette Singler of Country Bumpkin Quilt Store in Eugene

Kennette Blotzer of Something to Crow About in Springfield

A big thank you to each of you for participating in our show in this way! Winners will be announced on the quilt show website by mid-August.

This years show will be held July 26-27, 2014 in the Lowell Grange Hall.

Generation Q Magazine

Have you seen it? Have you read it? It’s new and fresh and I think it’s really fun! So I recommend you check it out. Currently in Oregon it’s only sold at two places: Greenbaum’s in Salem and Stitchin Post in Sisters. But you can buy it online directly from Generation Q (tell Scott I sent you!).

And now Generation Q magazine has put out a survey for you to fill out if you are interested. They have a unique and fun way of asking questions, so I think it’s a fun one to fill out. And there is a possibility (OK, slim, but there none the less) that you could win something. Check it out here. And good luck!