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Quilting Away the Day

Getting things wrapped up for the holidays and quilts out the door. Here are a few I’ve worked on recently. I get to see such a wide range of quilt designs…so fun! I never know what my customers will come up with next.

Happy quilting!

Edge to Edge Patterns

Overall or Edge to Edge Patterns

You probably know me for my custom work, but I do wicked good (my own description, of course!) simple overall patterns freehand as well! Pictured above are a few of them, but I have lots of designs in my brain just waiting to come out. I don’t typically use pantographs, but prefer to let the quilt speak to me and “doodle” on the quilt with an appropriate scale, thread color, and pattern.

So if you need a simple, overall pattern, contact me. I’ve been working on my quilt waiting time and I’m down to under four weeks at the present time. That changes, of course, based on the seasons (or something!), but now is a good time to drop off a quilt.

Happy quilting!

Go Ducks!

This duckish quilt designed and made by Gayle F. is a great example of University of Oregon Duck pride, don’t you think? Just say, “Go Ducks!”

For the quilting I popped in a few O’s here and there in the white spaces. My job is just too much fun sometimes.

Get out and root for you favorite team this Fall. Happy quilting!