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Zebra-Inspired Quilting on Baby Quilt

This very sweet baby quilt made by Kim K. is a treasure. The twirling windmill pattern pops off the white background, and the mixed fabric border is a great way to mix it up. The flannel backing fabric was a wild black and blue zebra pattern, so that inspired Kim to ask for a zebra pattern overall quilting.

So I parked my Land Rover (oops, don’t own one),┬áput away my rifle (just kidding, don’t own that either) and stored my supplies neatly in my tent (not really). As soon as the sun came up the next day, after fortifying myself with a hearty breakfast, I got into my khakis and hoofed it over to my longarm machine where my inner-zebra came out in thread! Ha!

Happy quilting!

Puppy Dog Quilt

This wall hanging is a beautiful tribute to a well-loved family pet! Kim K’s inspiration is her puppy dog, and what a great piece of art she turned it into…one she will cherish forever I’m sure. I put about 95,000 stitches on it, you know, just to make sure it held together. Ha!

Happy quilting!

Vino & Vango Dog Painting Party

Official Beach Dog Class Photo

Vino & Vango in Springfield sponsored an evening of painting your dog (or your cat if you are of that persuasion) and here is our class portrait. That’s me with the Alaskan Malamute in the back. Amazing how the dogs turned out! All of them looked really good! This was a fundraiser for Greenhill, so there were a couple of Greenhill folks there with dogs ready for adoption. All in all it was a really fun evening. (And a good deal of the thanks goes out to Wanda who bought me dinner and a beer right before the event! Thanks Wanda! I’m pretty sure that beer really loosened up the ‘ol paintbrush!)