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Colorful Kaffe Fabrics in Slideshow Quilt

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I just love this quilt! The Kaffe Fasset fabrics really pop out of the background that is a mottled gray. It’s absolutely striking! Jan H. did a wonderful job picking out the fabrics for this one. So what to do? A custom treatment would have been to crazy and costly to work around the dark and light fabrics with different threads, so I chose an overall pattern that actually worked out pretty neat I think. I used a “gray shades” thread which matched the gray areas and yet didn’t horribly stand out on the darker fabrics. The end result was swirls on squares! Nice job Jan! This take the “Slideshow” quilt to a whole new level of fun!

Click on the picture below to purchase the pattern on Amazon.com! Enjoy!

ideshow Quilt Pattern by Atkinson Designs

Quilt For Her Granddaughter

Gerry's Quilt

Gerry's Quilt

Gerry made this very cute quilt for her granddaughter; and what a beauty it is! Word has it that it was well-received and is now in little D’s (name abbreviated to protect the innocent) bedroom.

And so for a very modern granddaughter, we did swirls and more swirls with a pink thread. Swirls on circles, what could be better?

Happy quilting!