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Orange Slice

Another fun and colorful quilt made by Joyce W. Very modern and vibrant. The pattern is called, “Clarkson Crossing” by Julie Labauve and Tammy Silvers for Outside the Line Designs. I used a new thread color called Star Gold and it really looked great on both the gray and orange fabrics. And because I was inspired by the orange nature of this quilt, I created a new quilting pattern I’m calling Orange Slice. I combined the topographic pattern (Sheila Sinclair Snyder introduced me to this one!) with some sliced oranges every now and then. Yes, my brain works in mysterious ways.

Happy quilting!

Custom Quilt Design

I had the privilege of creating this quilt for my friends Kathy and Jon. Jon’s mom commissioned me to do the piece as a gift. It took almost a year, and a lot of thought, but the end result was pure happiness.

Juhlin projectEach piece was cut separately and put up on the design wall until I got the effect I wanted.

Juhlin projectThen each block was sewn and trimmed and then sewed together in rows. Lots of bias edges!

I was so excited to get them the quilt once it was finally finished that I didn’t take a lot of photos. At some point I plan to get more photos of it and post them here.

And then some day…..yes, some day I will write up the pattern for it!