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Under the Sea Quilt

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Gerry B. made this for her brother…what a lucky guy! It’s a huge quilt and I love the way she placed the assorted sea creatures and plants. And the center medallion is a beautiful nautical addition; which of course had to have it’s own special quilting pattern. The rest of the quilt has “clouds,” “sea,” and “beach” quilting. Way to go Gerry! I hope he loves his quilt!

Sidelights Quilt for Piece by Piece Fabrics

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Who doesn’t love fish? When I saw this fabric, I just knew it had to have tiny bubbles.  I thought about putting bubbles all over, but then realized I didn’t want people to think that the fish were passing gas! Ha! So the fish only got bubbles near their mouths. Whew! That might have been un-PC, eh?

Anyway, this quilt is hanging at Piece by Piece fabrics if you want to see it up close and personal!

Happy Quilting!