Thread, pretty thread!

Oh how quilters love thread! I am still in the process of setting up my longarm quilting studio, but one of the first things I’ve done is my thread cabinet. Why a cabinet? To keep the thread out of the light and dust, of course! I’ve even played with the idea of putting a bowl of water in there. Supposedly thread likes a high moisure content.  But since I live in a watertower (no kidding), I figure there is a lot of moisture around here (more on this topic later!). But seriously, I love all my threads and am working to build up my inventory. More choice is better, right?


One Reply to “Thread, pretty thread!”

  1. oohhh…so pretty! I need to get my quilt down to you! It’s patiently waiting for the “Lisa” touch. Maybe if we both make it to the beach retreat.


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