Shop Hopping Fun

It’s so good to take the time to get away with girlfriends and go on a quilt retreat! There are always new ideas, new fabrics, new patterns and new shops to explore. And when one travels with such a great group of women, it’s just plain fun. OK, there were strawberry margaritas involved too, but even those couldn’t increase the laughter that was already happening. Good friends, good times. If you haven’t been out in a while, (for the principal in the group — and you know who you are!  — this link is for YOU) and by “a while” I mean at least once a year minimum, then get moving and plan a getaway now. Your fabric stash is getting low, right?


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  1. Ho Ho Ho…very useful information on compound words…as in a longarm machine (a machine that has a LONG ARM)
    Yep, time to get away again!!!


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