Volcano Quilt

As you might imagine, I had great fun with this quilt. I used about eight different colors of thread and did a different treatment in each section. Swirls in the blue “water” areas. The volcano was spewing red, orange, and mustard colors. The forest had flowers and leaves with a reed marsh down near the water. The rock strata had rocks and pebbles in “Cobra” thread (King Tut). The sky was a blue variegated puff of clouds and such. Oh, and let’s not forget the “sun” with rays stretching out into the sky. Yeah, I know. I went a little crazy. But it was really fun and I like it when I can cut loose! Happy quilting!


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  1. WOW… Way cool … I can almost feel the heat from the volcano… I want to see the whole thing in it’s entirety. You are having way too much fun, Lisa! =)


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