Scrappy Relief

I am a scrap quilter. Wow, that sounds like a confession. Not to worry, I won’t be going on a 12-step program anytime soon. I enjoy using my leftovers for crazy projects. So now I’m on a mission of sorts to use up my scraps and to create fun quilts. This is my first one that I’ve taken from concept to reality. I hope to make a pattern of it and try to sell some. So if you think this is interesting, I’d really like to know (and if you’re not, I’d like to know that too).

Of course I had to quilt the *!@# out of it as well! I made up my own templates and then went for it. I like the way it turned out; lots of relief. As a matter of fact, I’ve named it “Scrappy Relief.” Please let me know your feedback!

This is very tight quilting, as so is on the spendy side, but I love doing this kind of work. It really can make solid areas look fantastic. If this is the type of quilting you want on your quilt, I’d be happy to do it. We can work together to create a design that fits the quilt. Happy quilting!


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