Fruit & Veggie Quilted Tablerunner

Quilting designs run in my head all the time now. On this table runner, made with fruit and veggie fabrics (and oh so cute), my customer had a radish design that was recommended for the quilting. So I made a template that looked similar, and used it around the inside next to the outer border. Then I swooshed and swirled my way to fill in the lovely solid fabric in those areas. Yeah, I really like solid fabrics now!

Can you spot the Radish?

The wood grain fabric needed “tree bark” quilting, of course. Then to finish it off, a simple meander in the middle of each block was the ticket. The outer border got a leaf treatment with a matching thread color.

Wood Grain Quilting


3 Replies to “Fruit & Veggie Quilted Tablerunner”

  1. Way cool…almost a “Where’s Waldo” on a quilt, only it is find Lisa’s hidden treasure!


  2. That’s not just any radish…that’s YOUR radish! 🙂 Great job on making such a beautiful quilt.


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