Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Quilt

This quilt is a beautiful representation of one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass windows. I was so impressed when I saw Sharon’s quilt, I just had to have the book, so I purchased “Quilts in the Tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright” from

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My customer didn’t want any batting in the quilt because she was using it as a duvet cover. So she had me quilt it onto a basic white muslin. The stitching is all linear to match the feel of the quilt; long lines of straight stitching (not always easy on a longarm!). But the results are beautiful and really enhance the quilt. Happy quilting!

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Quilt
Linear Stitching


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    1. I had to get my book out to look, but I believe she did indeed use a pattern from the book. It is called the “William R. Heath House” on page 45. However, I just noticed that the pattern makes a 30″ x 38″ piece and hers was huge! So she must have done the math to make it bigger. Her quilt was 84″ x 88.” If you want me to try to connect the two of you so she can help you, I’ll certainly try! Just email me at and I’ll see if I can contact her. That is the only quilt I’ve done for her, so I don’t know her well.


  1. Gorgeous Quilt! I’ve been quilting for about 8 years. My husband wants this quilt in the worst way. Although I make quilts all of the time, I have never done one with so many solid black bias strips. Are these put on after the top is completed, and before quilting, or are they incorporated into the piecing of the quilt top? Thanks much for the help.


    1. From the pattern it looks like you sew strip sets together and then cut the chevrons out of that on the bias. I would recommend buying the book (if the link from my website still works?) so you have the pattern; if you don’t already have it. I purchased a used copy from amazon at only $16. Good luck!


  2. WOW!! I’m so impressed with the piecing AND the quilting! It must have been so fun to plan the quilting design–and a little humbling to work with Frank Lloyd Wright!!?


    1. Indeed! My customer did an awesome job of piecing the top. It was very flat and very even. After seeing her quilt, I bought the FLW book, so if you ever need to borrow it, just let me know. I will make one “someday” but not until I finish up all those other projects!


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