Fruit and Veggie Quilt

Fruits, veggies, and….what’s that?….cupcakes? Yes, in the middle of this fruit and veggie medley is one square of dessert. The gal that made this quilt, Joyce, obviously has a good sense of humor! So I figured in addition to the linear quilting which sets off the individual squares, that she might like an “organic pea pod” border. And you know how pea pods are; they are quite random. Some have two peas, some have three, and some even have four in them. And so it goes with this organic border as well! Happy quilting!

Where's dessert?
Pea Pod Border


One Reply to “Fruit and Veggie Quilt”

  1. Love the pea pods! Very clever of you to add this element of interest–and a whimsical way to draw the quilt out into the border!


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