Row, row, row your boat

One cannot live by quilting alone! As a matter of fact, it’s good to stretch, walk, do yoga, or whatever you have to do to stay in shape for quilting. Longarming is a lot more physical than it appears. I like to row and hike. It keeps me off the streets so to speak. A big thanks to Joyce who gets me out hiking twice a week. And another big thanks to my rowing buddy, Julie, who talked me into taking a sculling clinic. So here I am for the first time in a very skinny boat during the clinic. I have sculled before, but usually I row in the “wide bodies” which are a much more stable type of training boat. Somehow I managed to stay in the boat during the clinic, but there will come a time when I will end up in the water (and our lake water is very cold). So this is what I do in my time off!

Turning the boat
stay in the boat, stay in the boat...
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