Blackberry Jam Quilt Show – Day One

What a fun day! The Pine Needlers turned out in force to set up the show last night. The Grange looks the best it’s ever looked! And when the finishing touches went on this morning, all was well in my world.  Shortly after opening, the “parade team” showed up in “Big Red” (Chris’s truck) with banners blazing and quilt a hanging. After water bottles were found, sunscreen applied, and heads had hats, the team was off to the parade staging area. When we heard the sirens and firetrucks, we knew our girls were safe and sound. However, the parade goers would have been wise to shelter from the incoming candy barrage. Rumor has it that one of the Pine Needlers actually hit a child with the candy stream. Although it was toasty today, we had many quilt show guests who enjoyed the wide variety this years show offered. Missed it? Not to worry, you can come see us tomorrow as well from 10 am – 4 pm in the Lowell Grange Hall. Way to go Pine Needlers!


Quilt Show in Grange Hall



Pine Needler Float


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