Lane County Fair Quilt Show

Yesterday I went with a friend to the Lane County Fair Quilt Show. I hadn’t been there in several years, and it was wonderful to take a moment and see the show, spend time with a good friend, and have lunch out on the town! Moments like these are too few and far between, but I am making a conscious effort to put more of them in my daily round.

And to my delight, I found that two of my customers had won ribbons on their quilts! Way to go Joyce and Lois! Joyce won first place in the Applique divison, and Lois won 3rd place in the Machine quilting divison (not sure this is the right division Lois,so if you’re reading this please correct me if wrong! I was so excited for you both. And here are pictures of their beautiful quilts…


Lois's quilt



3rd place for Lois!



1st place in Applique Division!



Joyce's quilt


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