Baked Potatoes from the microwave

Coming to you live via the web from the burb of Lowell, we have just learned that the potatoes were indeed BAKED! As you can see from the photographs, secretly taken at an undisclosed location in Lowell, the potatoes came out of the microwave nicely baked in just 6 minutes These two russet potatoes were on the small side, but came through the ordeal with skins intact. Had we not actually seen the potatoes being taken out from the new “Cotton Potato Bag” we wouldn’t have believed they weren’t baked in foil.

No foil required!

You’re probably wondering what is all this silliness? Well, Becky at Piece by Piece Fabrics tasked me with the challenge of making some potato bags that could be used in the microwave. Using her fun “silverware” fabric and the special batting that is 100% cotton from the Warm Company – not supposed to catch on fire, smoke, melt, etc because it doesn’t have anything in it that would do so,  I made up a couple of prototype bags. Wanting to product test them, I put one of them in the microwave with two potatoes. They came out great! I ate one for dinner. No meltdown either. Not by me, nor by the potatoes.

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