Quilt Retreat to the Oregon Coast

Every year I go to the Oregon coast with a fabulous group of women on a quilt retreat.  This year the weather happened to be amazingly beautiful – sunny and actually almost warm.

Oregon coast in October

We had sunshine the entire time we were there. In addition to the quilting projects, one of the gals designed a “contest” of sorts for us. The rules were simple: the finished piece must include three layers, at least two fabrics, and had to be less than 36 sq inches.  Here are a few of the contest submissions:

InPURSEinator - the winning entry!

The food was spectacular as usual because everyone in this group can cook and loves to cook!

Table for 12

So the food and wine flowed easily, as did the rum concoction that Sheila brought, and the conversation lead to laughter on many occasions. Perhaps there was a strong correlation between amount of alcohol consumed and the volume of laughter, but I’m not sure. That’s just a theory. So if you haven’t organized a retreat for your quilt group lately, get on it!! Happy quilting.

Bulgarian Peppers made by Lyn, Nancy, and Linda
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