Two sided quilt

A colorful quilt that is quilted with overall oval swirls (try saying that fast three times). And the back is just as fun! This quilt can easily be used on both sides.

Way to go Dana!


2 Replies to “Two sided quilt”

  1. Hi Lisa,

    I cannot find the page or pages on your website that displays your quilting patterns. Will you please email me how I can find your quilting patterns.
    thank you.


    1. There is no one page with all designs listed (as in some other sites). If you click on the “modern” tag, for example, you will get all of the quilts that I consider having a modern style. I have very few pantographs because most everything I do is custom, whether it is an overall pattern or custom motifs, backgrounds, and borders. I hope this makes sense! If not, let me know what type of quilting you are looking for and perhaps I can direct you to some photos. Thanks for contacting me!


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