“No Buy Spree”

I love fabric. I love the colors, the textures, the patterns. But sakes alive if I don’t have tons of the stuff! A lot of it isn’t new, but it’s still wonderful. So I’ve decided I need to use some of it up.

So my challenge is to not buy any new fabric until I’ve finished ALL my started projects. I’m calling this a “no buy spree.” Believe it or not, I started on this path about a year ago. And for the most part I’ve finished up lots of projects, but I also started new ones and then had to finish those! So I’m knuckling down and am going to finish all my projects. My rules are that if I need fabric to finish a project, then I can buy some. For example, I needed 1/2 yard to bind one of my finished quilts, so I purchased that. But other than that, I have to use what is on hand. I’m estimating it may take me the better part of 2011 to do this, but hey, it’s called a “challenge,” right?

About five years ago I went on a “no buy spree” for clothing and shoes. At about the same time I discontinued my tv service and stopped window shopping as well. And you know what? It wasn’t hard to do? The first few weeks were tough, but soon I stopped looking at the catalogs in the mail (right into the recycling bin), didn’t get marketing blasts from the tv, and amazingly enough, the six months went by pretty fast. So I thought it was time to try a harder challenge! (Because fabric is more important than clothes in my book!)

So as I go through this challenge, you can be my armchair supporters! I’m on day 8 (I started December 1st). Here we go! What a fun ride this will be!


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