The “no buy spree” continues…

Yes, I’m still on the path. Haven’t strayed. I did buy 1/2 yard of fabric for a binding for a quilt I am finishing (that’s OK in my rules). And yes, when I finish it, I’ll post some photos.

The studio is getting cleaner, more organized with each project I finish. A really good feeling. But I have a lot of projects to finish.

Are you on this same path? Or do you want to be? Feel free to be a “supporter” or a “participant” on this little adventure! And don’t be shy. I want to hear from YOU.


3 Replies to “The “no buy spree” continues…”

  1. While I may not have a “no buy” policy, I only will buy something on sale. The Raven in my still wants to collect for the nest… I also want to set the intention to finish many (too many to give an actual accounting of…) WIPS I have in the studio. Or as a friend of mine calls them, “Unfinished Symphonies” – I like that! I think we should start a trend, or at least a support group~ ;o)


  2. OK, now htis sounds like it could turn into a “group therapy”!!! Let’s call each other and compare fabrics if we’re looking for something special, BEFORE we go out and buy it! I know that would be a great benefit to me! For example right now, I wish I had a tropical red print…………….


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