Hiking in the Snow


2010 Deception Creek Hiking
Me, Marlene & Joyce
2010 Deception Creek Hiking
Me, Marlene & Bella (woof!)
2010 Deception Creek Hiking
Bella, Marlene & Joyce


What happened to working? Well, I did get up at 6:30 am and was in the studio quilting by 7 am. But then I just HAD to go hiking with my girlfriends in the snow. We thought we were going snow showing, so we brought along the snow shoes, but the snow wasn’t deep enough to use them. But it was a lovely day with gal pals – and puppy pals – and so that was wonderful! A few hours of hiking, some yummy Chinese for lunch, then back home before dark. And yes, when I got back home, I put in some more time at the longarm machine. Such a good girl, eh?




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  1. Where did you go hiking. Looks like lots of snow, just not enough to need snow shoes, but maybe shoes for the snow.


    1. Deception Creek Trail – After hiking for awhile on the trail, we ran into a road and took that further up. Not much snow, but very nice hiking.


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