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No-Buy Spree – Day 29

Yes, the “no-buy spree” continues. The longer it goes, the easier it gets. The only struggle I have is when I go into town and work my one day a week at the quilt shop. Temptation flies at my from everywhere! But so far, I have managed to resist. No fabric purchases since my 1/2 yard of binding material earlier in the month. And projects are getting done in my studio! (More to come on this topic soon.) Is anyone else out there on this path with me? I’d hate to go it alone…


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8 thoughts on “No-Buy Spree – Day 29

  1. I’ve been trying very hard to walk this path as well. My 2010 goal was to finish projects lurking in the sewing room. I’ve done pretty well, but not completely successful. 2011 offers another opportunity (gotta love that calendar page turn) to get all those monkeys off my back. I love them all, can’t give them away, must get them done and off to Lisa! Which is not to say I haven’ been in a store or purchased fabric. But it’s been much less, and often to complete something on my list. Or one of those bargains mentioned by Joyce. 😉


    1. Great job! It feels good to finish projects, doesn’t it? And of course, I will look forward to doing some of the quilting for you! Happy new year!


  2. I can’t do it and I don’t even want to think about the possibility of trying to do it! But, I will cheer you on in your quest… “Life without a fabric store”… it’s just WRONG!


  3. Yes, I have a friend who is on week 46 with “Life without a fabric store.” I think she bought some thread a couple of weeks ago and caved to a really cute piece of fabric but other than that she has gotten donations and sought out needed items at thrift shops! Good luck!


    1. That’s so inspiring…thank you! I will keep on the path. Please send her my info because I’d love to have her get in touch with me if she wants to. I like the “Life without a fabric store” moniker.


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