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Spikey Meander with Swirls

Card Trick by Joyce
Card Trick by Joyce

This quilt was just CALLING out for something special. So I designed a couple of swirly templates; one for the middle (double curl) and one for the edges (curl with diamond). Then using a variegated neutral tint thread, did a spiky meander working my way in and around the swirls. The batik card tricks got their own special treatment as well, using a “berry wine” colored thread. The border is a feather pattern using similar swirly and spikey elements. In the end…I think it turned out pretty fun!

Happy quilting in the new year!

Individual Motifs in Card Trick Blocks
Individual Motifs in Card Trick Blocks


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4 thoughts on “Spikey Meander with Swirls

    1. The quilt was fabulous beforehand – your piecing is excellent. But now the quilt is fabulously textured as well! What a team we make!


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