Creative Junket Day

Voodoo Donut Day
Maple Bacon Bar
I do love a good donut!
Jackie O?
The French are everywhere!

What do girls do on their day off? Go to Voodoo Donuts of course! I’ve been to the Portland location, but recently Voodoo Donuts came to Eugene, and I’ve been wanting to go for months. So my friend Kathy, (who at the same moment, miles apart, had the same idea the night beforehand while she was planning the outing), and I, made it the first stop on what we call our “Creative Junket” day. Nothing like sugar and fat and caffeine (because we had a cup of coffee too) to get the creative juices flowing! And oh my gosh….the maple bacon bar was soooo good. Really!

After that it was off to explore thrift shops, bead stores, and an assortment of other local shops we hadn’t visited before. There was a lot of silliness to be had, and hats and clothes to try on. At some point it started raining (did I mention it is Oregon?), but we didn’t care. Fueled with an afternoon cup of coffee we were back on the road!


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  1. I’m not sure if I’m excited or repelled by a donut burger! That said, I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it…


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