Block of the Month

Block of the Month for 2011 at Piece by PieceThe new block of the month program at Piece by Piece is now available for sign upsI . You can get the details from the store.

I got to do the quilting, and although it took some time to figure out what to do on such a large and beautiful quilt, it all came out wonderfully (if I do say so myself?) .  In the end. I did a custom border – my own crazy design, an inner curl border, feathered vines around the middle square set on point and around the blocks set on white, a Terry Twist design in the small square areas at top and bottom, and individual motifs in the center square and four surrounding squares. Whew!

The block of the month program is twelve months of fun. And if you like I can put the pressure on you – every Tuesday when I work at the store – so you get your blocks done! Happy to help!

Happy quilting!

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