New Puppy Causes Quilt Production Slowdown!

New Puppy 1-26-11 New Puppy 1-26-11I’ve been silent for a bit on this site. But I have good reason. Or I have A reason. And that reason comes in the form of our 8 week old Alaskan Malamute puppy.

And no wonder, eh? As one of my friends said, “Too bad you didn’t get a cute one.”

She doesn’t have a name yet; we are still working on that. She weighs 13 lbs and is a happy-go-lucky-pee-poo-eating-playing machine.

Buy what a joy! We’ve missed having an extra pack member in our little household. She is certainly keeping us on our toes.

Most of my productivity comes when she is taking her naps. (Thank goodness for naps!) She is sleeping as I write this…or I wouldn’t be writing this.

The funny thing about being an “aging parent” is that her attention span just about matches mine! 10 seconds or so. My mind is like a sieve; hers is a sponge. We are going to be just fine!


7 Replies to “New Puppy Causes Quilt Production Slowdown!”

  1. Hey, you could call her Palin. Short attention span, always on the wrong side of the door. It fits! She’s adorable and I’m so excited you have a new little girl in your life. Happy, happy, joy, joy!


  2. I’m surprised that quilt production is the only thing that baby has affected… with a face that cute, I wouldn’t get anything accomplished. I recently posted a saying on my door that reads ” A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of “__Ogden Nash. Now I can smile every time I let Sackett in or out, or in or out, or in or out… =) Enjoy that sweet baby girl!


    1. Well, that’s it if you don’t count lack of sleep, a messy house, odd meals, laundry piling up, and dust bunnies in the corner. 🙂 Can’t wait for you to meet her!!


  3. All that fuzzy cuteness is worth every moment of chaos and production slow-down~ She is adorable! And I think she would rather have you on ‘all fours’ rather than on your toes… ;o) Woof! Woof!


  4. Oh my gosh….what a face! She’ll never do wrong, and good thing, I can’t imagine having to be “stern” with that ball of fluff! Have fun!


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