Puppy has a name!


Willow at 8 1/2 Weeks old
8 1/2 weeks old


Finally – a name! Over the weekend we decided upon “Willow.” I think it fits her perfectly.

When we first got her, her ears were all the way down on her face. Each day they come up just a bit.  It’s so darned cute!

We are in the process of house-training; no simple task. We’ve already made a lot of mistakes in the almost two weeks we’ve had her, but we are more determined than ever. We keep simplifying things. In the beginning we gave her WAY too much freedom! Now we are settling into a feeding schedule which should help establish a route of sorts. And she has three crates (spoiled, eh?) and two of them with ex-pens attached (thanks to my friend Lisa E who raises Rhodesian Ridgebacks). This gives her just a bit more room, but not enough to get into trouble. We watch her like a hawk – a hungry hawk you might say – so she doesn’t have the opportunity to make mistakes.

Last night she slept all the way until 3:30 am! Yippeeee! My hat is off to human parents for their parenting skills and patience!!A quiet moment


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  1. Willow is absolutely adorable! She is smart, curious and so very social! You and Neil are wonderful parents!


  2. Great name!! What’s in a name? To our Celtic ancestors, the willow represented imagination, intuition and vision (you might find yourself with some new creative ideas). In Greek mythology, Orpheus carried willow branches with him for luck and protection (she should make for a great hiking buddy). And the Osage people Oklahoma believed the willow represented stability and strength of age and experience (reminding you that aging has its rewards!). And if you are looking for a nickname – the Navajo word for willow is Kai.


    1. Oh my gosh…how do you know all this stuff? Great info! Neil will be thrilled. He was worried “willow” didn’t represent her well enough…but I think it fits her just fine! Thanks for the research!! You will meet her soon. 🙂


  3. I love how her little tongue is sticking out in the top pic. I could use some good dog-love right about now. I’ll just pretend I’m hugging that precious ball of fluff! Yay for successful potty training!


    1. Soon she will be out and about in the community meeting everyone!! Perhaps I should post her “meet and greet” sessions up on my site so all could come!


    1. Oh my gosh…I’ll have to send that description to Neil. I don’t think he realizes how applicable it is! Thanks puppy-godmother!


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