Quilted Rag Roses

Joyce's QuiltThis beautiful, soft “French Roses” quilt was made by Joyce. She took the class at Country Bumpkin in Pleasant Hill from Teri Harter and really came up with a terrific throw-sized quilt.

I took care not to quilt over the roses because since they are raw edge, they are meant to fray and make the look of the quilt softer each time it gets washed. So there is a simple leaf border, an inner border of scallops (my interpretation of an iron fence around the roses!), and then a curl meander in and around the roses. I can’t wait to see it washed up!

close up


Happy quilting.


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  1. What a beauty… This was a fabulous quilt to begin with, and now it’s amazing with your added quilting touches! What a great creative team the two of you are!!


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