10 Weeks Old Today!


Willow at 10 weeks old
Willow at 10 weeks old
Willow at 10 weeks old
Willow at 10 weeks old


Our little Willow is growing so fast! She was about 14 pounds when we got her…and as of yesterday she is a whopping 20 pounds!  Today she is 10 weeks old.

She had her second puppy class last night, and this being her second session, really came out of her shell. This time she was willing to walk in a circle with the other dogs and even walk by them when they were all sitting. She did do some growling at some of the other dogs; and I hope it was play  and not fear or aggression. Time will tell. She has met probably 100 people so far including children, men, and women. She hasn’t met that many dogs because she isn’t fully vaccinated yet. Hopefully she will get comfortable with everything! We had her walking on a wooden fence on the ground, and she is easily going through a tunnel (thank you Lisa E!). Our mission is: socialize, socialize, socialize!

And yes, the quilting is getting back on track, but more slowly than before. Being a puppy-mom is no walk in the park! (How can I be writing this? Well, she’s taking a nap of course.)

Happy quilting!


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    1. I actually have a friend who attends dog shows and she is encouraging me to come up with some doggie quilts to sell there. Sounds like a plan to me!


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