More Puppy Pictures – She’s got EARS


Willows at 10 1/2 weeks
Willows at 10 1/2 weeks


More puppy pictures? You bet! Her ears are standing all the way up now. It’s hard to get a clean, crisp picture of her because she is moving quite fast now. Yikes.

This week we are working on sit, down, watch me, and walking gently by my side (not working so well).

She is a wizz at going through the puppy tunnel. And today we have added a see-saw that she is supposed to walk across. Her first attempts were interrupted by her jumping as she got scared when it moved. It will be fun to watch her figure it out!

The house-training continues. I was told by a trainer that you had to go 21 days (with no accidents in the house) before you are really house-trained. We are officially on day two.


9 Replies to “More Puppy Pictures – She’s got EARS”

    1. Oh my gawd…does this mean she is going to go through the “terrible twos” this week? Sure seems like it this morning…she was all bite and no bark…ah my little “PJ” (paws and jaws).


  1. I can’t believe how fast her looks are changing! It’s good to remember what the trainer said about going 21 days until “YOU” are really house trained. It might be a good time to work on Willow though.


    1. Yeah, 19 days! And in “dog days” it’s even longer! (I know it’s supposed to be the reverse, but I think when house-training, it’s the opposite. Or that’s how it feels…) But yes, she is cute….and so we are doing the best we can.


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