Willow’s First Snow Experience


Willow in the snow

There wasn’t much snow, but just enough fell from the sky to get a sneak preview of being a snow dog! Willow comes from sled dog lineage, and she seemed to love sliding on the deck with her “four-wheel drive.” Or in this case, four-paw drive!


The potty-training saga continues, but we are currently on “DAY 4” – which is to say that we’ve had 4 days without accidents in the house. Our goal is 21 straight days…keep your fingers (and paws) crossed!


And a big thank you to Gerry, Dean, Marlene, Gina, Annie, Joyce, Chris, Lance, Lora, Julie R, John S, Kathy J, and Jon J (just to name a few) for their help in our ongoing socialization process. Anyone willing to face those puppy teeth is a true friend I say!

Now get into your studio and do some quilting!


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