Why Am I Always in this Crate?


Willow at 15 weeks
Willow at 15 weeks


Well, let me see. Is it because I’m so cute? Is it because I’m so cuddly? Is it because all good things come to me in my crate? Gosh my alpha mom does put food in here…and sometimes treats too.


Is it because I’m not yet potty trained? My parents are working on it, but they keep making mistakes. One time I had to go out and they just weren’t watching me. I didn’t want to yell or scream, so I sat patiently by the door. But after about 3 seconds of that, I decided it was time to take action. So I peed on the floor. Seemed like a good place to do it. No one was watching, so I’m pretty sure they didn’t see me do it. And I’ll be they haven’t even figured out that I did it. But darn it if I can’t seem to locate the exact place I did it last time….I can’t seem to locate the smell.

You know, it’s hard being 15 weeks old. No one understands me. And my alpha parents speak this funny language. And darn it if their hands aren’t flying around all the time. Sometimes they make these funny noises and I just don’t know what they are talking about. I’m pretty sure it isn’t about me though. I’m doing stuff way to well to worry about anything like that.



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