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A Quilt of One’s Own


Lora's Quilt
Lora's Quilt


Finally Lora made a quilt for herself! After making numerous quilts for other people, my friend – and very prolific quilter! – Lora made her self a quilt. It’s about time I say! And what soft and pretty colors. And Lora does know colors. In her spare time she is also a Mary Kay rep. I’m not sure she sleeps much between her full-time job, her quilting, and her MK business….not to mention kids (OK, so they are out of the house, but they are still her kids!) and a husband (he’s not out of the house!).

We decided that a Feather Meander Pantograph would add to the soft look and indeed it worked out perfectly!

Feather Meander Pantograph Close-up
Feather Meander Pantograph Close-up


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  1. SO pretty! Great job Lora and Lisa–you tow make a great team! Hope you put it into a show so we can all get a look đŸ™‚


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