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Ann's Baby Quilt
Ann's Baby Quilt

I have no minimum for my longarm business. Sometimes I do tablerunners, sometimes small wall hangings.  This baby quilt is just 27″ x 28.” As I build my business, no job is too small! On the other hand, it isn’t cheap to have a small piece quilted; but I’m willing to do it. So if you have some small quilts in your stash that you just haven’t had a chance to finish, give me a jingle, I’d love to help you out and get them finished. Remember “done” is a good word!

Happy quilting!


3 thoughts on “No Minimum

  1. Gayle Freeman says:

    I also had Lisa do a small quilt, and a medium, and a large. She’s got great ideas when I have none! My quilts are really great and I’d recommend her to anyone. Except, I want first dibs! Now to binding…….


    1. lisa says:

      Yes, get to work on those bindings! Thanks for your positive comments. Your quilts are always fun to work on, and yes, my first customers will get priority even when I become rich and famous. Ha ha! (That’s ha ha for the rich and famous part…not the priority part!)


  2. Kathy says:

    Yep, I can testify to that! I had a small piece, about 36″ x 36″ that I had made a long, long, long time ago (1990’s?). Lisa did an amazing job of bringing it to life, well more like resurrecting the dead! It still needs some bead embellishment, but if it were not for Lisa, it would still be at the bottom of the WIP box. And I did not think the cost was too much at all, considering it might be another 14+ years before I got around to it! So let Lisa help you get them finished – she is the woman for the job!


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