Baby Quilts

Dianna's Baby Quilt
Dianna's Baby Quilt

This cute baby quilt is actually two-sided. Dianna pieced both the front and the back, making this a wonderful and fun baby quilt.  We decided the best way to quilt it was with a simple overall pattern so that it showed well on both sides. Using a variegated pink thread, I did a “curl” overall pattern. It was done fairly tightly so that it would hold up to many years of use and washing. Fun!

Happy quilting!


10 thoughts on “Baby Quilts

  1. Gayle Freeman says:

    If Dianne is willing to share, I’d love to have the pattern, or at least know what it is. Thx!


  2. joyce montgomery says:

    Love the quilt! Would love to see backsides in the future, especially if they are reversible! The overall swirly curl is perfect…adds depth and texture without taking away from the blocks!


  3. Karen K. says:

    I am in love with that quilt. Do you have pictures of the back? Is it pieced the same on both sides? Beautiful.


    1. lisa says:

      I’m afraid I don’t have pictures of the back. It is pieced like a log cabin in the same colors as on the front.


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