Continuous Curve Works

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The “continuous curve” design really works on this quilt! The fun, retro colors and shapes of this quilt just called out for something graphic with an old-fashioned feeling. Using “Baguette” colored thread also enhanced the retro look I think. It’s always challenging when someone leaves the quilting design up to me. I don’t want to do too much, or too little. So I sweat over design decisions until I find a design that enhances the quilt while still making it unique – because each quilt is a unique piece of art and deserves the best I can give it.

Happy quilting!


3 Replies to “Continuous Curve Works”

  1. Wow, it is wonderful! Great pattern, great fabrics and great quilting! So retro, I love it!


    1. I know…I’d love to make one of these. It is such a wonderful pattern! But who am I kidding??? 🙂


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