Cat Quilt

Beverly's Cat Quilt
Beverly's Cat Quilt

Meow! What a great cat quilt! Beverly made this quilt, thought she would get around to quilting it, but never did. She did bind it however. So when I got it, it was all put together, but not quilted. No problem! While I cannot guarantee there will not be any wrinkles on the back when I put it on my frame and quilt it, I certainly am always willing to try. It was a bit dicey around the edges as there was nothing but the binding to hold onto, but not to worry, it all worked out in the end.

I did some curls in the middle, along with some cat tails on one cat in each row. Around the fence border I did some straight stitching. Then in each of the corners I did a cat paw; I was quite happy with the result if I do say so myself! Using a variegated thread (except for the cat paws which I did in a kelly green thread) really tied the whole things together.

Happy quilting!


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  1. All these quilts are so fun! You’ve really been on a roll, 5 quilts in 5 days! Makes me want to pin something, er, tie something on, er BOTH!


    1. A roll, a couch, a chair, a footstool….but I digress! It’s a busy time and I’m loving it!


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