Christmas Tree Quilt

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I saw this fabulous pattern called “Tree Farm” designed by Janet Locey and knew I had to make it.  It feels so graphic and fresh and bold! I had so much fun making the trees in purple, red and green and using my “ho, ho, ho” fabric as a background. But I just knew I wasn’t going to stop there.

I made a round tablecloth as well! Usually I don’t get so matchy-matchy, but what the heck, when the holidays come around, it’s fun to surround yourself with festive things. Using the same fabrics as the wall hanging, I started in on a design for a round tablecloth. But lo and behold – and I know this has happened to you too! – I ran out of fabric. Determined not to buy more, I fudged and nudged and made it work. I needed the round tablecloth to have a large enough drape over my table, and I just couldn’t squeeze any more out of the fabric that I had, so on one side you can see there is an extra-wide binding. But hey, it’s in purple and really works! I use the other side of the tablecloth for most of the year, but am really looking forward to Dec 1 when I can flip this over and use the backside!

Happy quilting!

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