Spring Applique Quilt

Joyce's Applique Quilt
Joyce's Applique Quilt

Doesn’t this just remind you of spring? And this year we have to be reminded because we went from winter to summer; or at least I think it’s almost summer. Not sure what happened to spring. Good thing this quilt came along!

Joyce did a fabulous job putting this together from  mostly found blocks. Seems to me she said she found some of them in an antique store on the cheap. And what a deal because they really are cute, and the quilt turned out nicely. Since Joyce is not a huge fan of the basic meander, I created a new meander, and I call it “mini me,” (OK, just checking to see if you were actually reading this!) – I call it a “paisley meander.” I did it fairly large, but the scale works with the inner green leaf borders around each flower.

Happy quilting! And under all circumstance, keep your sense of humor!


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