When I’m not quilting….

..then I should be out in the garden! Since it has finally turned into summer (or something remotely like it), the weeds are thinking they own the place. Fortunately for me, the iris are very tall and can outshine almost any weed.

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4 Replies to “When I’m not quilting….”

  1. Your iris are wonderful– I see you lean toward purple! You haven’t mentioned the pup lately; how’s she doing?


    1. The puppy is fabulous! We have her in two training classes a week so she is coming along nicely. She is about 55 lbs now and still growing like a weed. Her full weight should be between 70-80 lbs. Her coloring is changing to black on her back and sable and black on her head…very pretty girl! Thanks for asking! I hope you are doing well and getting lots of quilting time in this summer.


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