Anatomy of a Quilt Design – Continued

If you’ve been following along, I’m documenting the process of making a quilt. the customer ordered the quilt in April and now it’s July! So it’s time to get moving!

Cutting, sewing, cutting, sewing. For this design there are three different blocks. One is a large rectangle. One is a square inside a rectangle. And one is a framed rectangle. This quilt design works well combining large and small scaled prints. The large scale prints are mostly featured in the large rectangles and inside the framed blocks. The small scale prints are the frames and the squares inside the rectangles.

After several sessions of sewing – because I only have limited time between longarm quilting projects – the quilt is starting to take shape. For this quilt, I put the individual blocks up in a random order on my design wall. The blocks keep moving around until I’m satisfied they are randomly spaced in an even kind of way!

Stay tuned for more in my next post…


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