New York Minute Class Pictures

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I hope a fun time was had by all, because it certainly was by me! A big thank you to Teri, Joyce, Marlene, Anne, Wanda, and Nancy for making this a really great class. Everyone had very different New York Minute fabrics so it was fun to see them start to come together. Teri had dug into her stash (and what a stash it must be!) and came out with “Dick & Jane” fabrics from the past. Very cute! Marlene had purchased a NYM kit from Sheila. Wanda had some nice solids working for her in her quilt. Anne was making a blue and yellow quilt to hang in her studio. Joyce was creating and unusual effect with the border. And Nancy was creating a happy and colorful NYM as well. So kudos to all you ladies. A very fun day, followed by a book signing and trunk show with Sheila Sinclair Synder, designer of the New York Minute pattern. And Sheila even stopped in and admired all the different NYM fabrics and gave suggestions and advice on the pattern. Thank you Sheila for stopping by!


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