New Machine Has Arrived!

New 2011 Gammill

A new quilting machine arrived in my studio last week. After a few days of testing, I’ve found it to be a wonderful machine! It has excellent stitch quality in addition to some fun new features. But it is still new, so I have to put her through her paces…lots of different thread types, etc…before I am convinced of her abilities. And then of course, I’ll have to name her. Any suggestions?

My husband still has some “refining” to do with the track she sits on so she is perfectly smooth. No doubt we’ll make some other small adjustments to meet my requirements. I’m so darned picky! But I do like a very smooth glide and feel. Any difficulty moving her in any direction causes less-than-smooth designs, which is why I like her to be able to glide easily.

So a new chapter begins!!


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  1. Hey Lisa,

    I had no idea that this was “afoot” at your house. Perty darn exciting. I look forward to updates.



    1. It really is. I’m still getting used to her. Perhaps you and Joe can come up with a name? Put those thinking caps on. Better yet, come on down, and you can meet her in person!


  2. What a beautiful looking machine…Have no suggestions for a name…. I know one will come to you. I am looking forward to seeing what you make withy her 🙂


    1. Hi Joan – She is beautiful! I’m so lucky! I’ve only stitched a couple quilts using her, so we are still getting to know each other. I went to your website and just LOVE your designs. You are amazing. I am in awe of your talent!!


  3. Your new girl looks lovely! She’ll love it there with such a beautiful view. Do you like quilting near the windows? I’m planning a sunroom studio as part of our home repair and looking forward to using it soon. A name…..something smooth, sleek, modern, yet classy. Perhaps Celeste.


    1. I love quilting in my studio. It was built to be a guest room, but then I lost my job, learned how to longarm, and that’s the story! The windows are great. Often I quilt with the lights off so I can see the stitching better with side lighting. I like the name “Celeste;” I’ll put it on the list! Thank you. I checked out your blog. Nice! But tornados? Yikes. What kind of machine do you have?


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